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home nursing service in muzaffarpur

Best Home Nursing Service in Muzaffarpur

It is very clear that when a patient or we can say any human being is surrounded by his family, and he gets family environment away from the hospital environment then the energy from that environment helps a lot in his recovery. Inner happiness has the power to heal even the deepest of wounds and hence considering this fact Muzaffarpur Home Nursing Care has started the most personalized and effective medical practice with complete medical facility at patients residence and started giving.

Muzaffarpur Home Nursing Care service in Muzaffarpur with all facility like I.C.U and C.C.U services together with the medical types of equipment like nebulizers, oxygen cylinders, Bipap Mask Support, ECG at Home and also we provide the best and educated nurses for complete health care of patients. Muzaffarpur Home Nursing Care 24hr home nursing service is helping the people living there and the growth rate in their recovery has also enhanced.

Muzaffarpur Home Nursing Care At Affordable Rate

As the needs of the people are increasing, we are also increasing our medical services and more recently the Muzaffarpur Home Nursing Care Service has come into existence, which provides care to the patients discharged from the hospital, often in the hospital or any other nursing home. Provides every medical facility available at their home. We recognize that home healthcare helps patients recover faster. Muzaffarpur Home Nursing Care has introduced this home nursing service among the people and it is being liked by the maximum number of people.

Our home nursing service is available to the patients at very affordable rates. We give 50% discount to our customer on the services provided by us. So that our patients can take advantage of this Muzaffarpur Home Nursing Care Service at their home and get healthy while suffering many times without the necessary checkup and coming to the hospital.

• Our special facilities for you

Bipap mask support :-

Oxygen service:-

Neb. Machine:-

Suction machine:-

Air bed:-

B.P machine:-

P.O monitor:-

24 hour nursing care:-

24 hours sweeper service:-

24 hour pathology care

All Service’s are Available on 50% off

• Short Term Nursing Care:-

Specialties:- vaccination at home, injection at home, ECG at home, dressing aur wound care at home etc.

• Long Term Nursing Care:-

Specialties:- ventilator care at home, trachestomy care at home, Bedsore Care, Catheter Care, Infusion Care, Ryies Tube Care, Care of IV Lines etc.

• How can we Help

Post surgical care

Edder Care

Chronic care


Urinary catheterzation care

Wound care

Injection & IV Infusion

Diabetic Care

Contact US:- 7366885339, 6299059690, 9031226357

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