Gujarat Election Result 2022, BJP, AAP, Congress

Gujarat Election Result 2022

Gujrat election result – As you know that at present the Bharatiya Janata Party is ruling in Gujarat and we are going to tell you today through this article Gujarat Election Result 2022 that there is only 1 day left to vote for the Assembly Elections 2022 in Gujarat.

The first phase of polling will be held on December 1, in which out of 182 seats, polling will be held on 89 seats. According to the information being received under the Gujarat Election Result 2022, for the first time in Gujarat, the Aam Aadmi Party is contesting all the seats and giving competition to Congress and the BJP.

Although Gujarat Election Result 2022, Aam Aadmi Party should not take BJP and Congress lightly, now only time will tell who will rise in Gujarat on 8th December.

Gujarat Election Result 2022

Let us make it clear here that according to the C Voter survey of ABP News, out of 182 assembly seats in the state of Gujarat, voting is going to be held for 89 seats, which will be held in the first phase on December 1. And after that whatever seats will be left. For them too, according to the Gujarat Election Result 2022, voting will be completed on December 5, and after that on December 8, the Gujarat State Election Result 2022 will be declared.

The results of 68 assembly seats will also come in December itself. And at present, there is a BJP government in both states, now the coming time will tell whether according to Gujarat Election Result 2022, BJP will continue to hold its command or will have to give its command to someone else.
Gujarat Vidhan sabha chunav result kab aayega

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed four election rallies in Gujarat. He addressed rallies in the Anjar assembly of Bhavnagar, Palitana, and Kutch, as well as in Jamnagar and Rajkot.

In relation to Gujarat Vidhan sabha chunav result kab aayega, let us tell you that on December 8, the results of all 182 seats of the Gujarat Assembly will be revealed and in that the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party believe that again the BJP will take Gujarat under its command.

The Aadmi Party is putting all its might into the Gujarat elections with all its might. According to the Gujarat Vidhan sabha chunav result kab aayega, it seems that the way they have conquered Delhi and Punjab, they will also take Gujarat in their hands.

Gujarat nikay chunav result 2022

There is some ruckus going on in the state of Assam as well, according to which the Chief Minister of Assam Hemant Vishwa Sarma gave his statement in Ahmedabad in which he said that talking about love jihad is not polarizing but we can give it the noun of women empowerment.

Taking the name of a community, said during the Gujrat Nikay chunav result 2022 that divorces are taking place in one community, and three marriages are taking place, is it true that women are being exploited?

During the Gujrat Nikay chunav result 2022 said that we should raise our voices against this, it is not a polarization nor do we do politics of polarization. He said that our party is a party that follows the path of everyone’s development.

Gujarat assembly election 2022

As we were informing you that elections are going to be held in Gujarat on the 1st and 5th of December and after that, on the 8th of December the results of 182 seats will come out simultaneously. In such a situation, for the Gujarat assembly elections 2022, all the parties have put their full strength i.e. top to bottom.

Big claims and promises are being made under the Gujarat assembly election 2022, but at the same time, the fishermen coming to the coastal areas of Gujarat are not liking such election promises at all, they say that we neither have any We need allowance and neither do we have the greed of any kind of greed; Actually, the thing is that through Gujarat assembly election 2022, let us tell you that hundreds of fishermen are imprisoned in Pakistani jails for many years.

Election news in Hindi 2022

Here Chief Minister Hemant Vishwa Sharma had given his statement on Rahul Gandhi in the past days, in which he again clarified his statement today, he said that I did not use any word for Rahul Gandhi, I only said that seeing The face became like the face of Saddam Hussain. I didn’t name anyone, I just used “your” instead of naming.

In the context of Election news in Hindi 2022, it was said by Hemant Vishwa Sharma that if Saddam Hussain and you are made to sit together, then both of your faces will look alike. And if you shave off your beard, you will look just like Nehru.

FAQs related to Gujarat Election Result 2022

How many seats are in Gujarat and when are the elections starting?

Elections are being held on December 1 and December 5 for a total of 182 seats in Gujarat.

According to the Gujarat Election Result 2022, elections will be held for how many seats in the first phase?

According to the Gujarat Election Result 2022, elections will be held for a total of 89 seats in the first phase. Elections for seats will be held on December 5.

According to Gujarat Election Result 2022, which BJP leader has joined hands with Congress?

According to the Gujarat Election Result 2022, recently veteran BJP leader and state cabinet minister Jaynarayan Vyas has joined the Congress.

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